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"I launched my podcast without realizing how much work it actually is. I quickly realized how long it took me to edit, upload, and promote the podcast. I also realized how much I didn't enjoy doing those tasks and really wanted to be able to just focus on recording episodes. I decided to try outsourcing these aspects of it and thankfully I was referred to Hayleigh. I was nervous at first to outsource these tasks because I wanted everything done the same way I had done it. Once the first episode Hayleigh edited, uploaded, and promoted went out, I knew I had made the right choice. Hayleigh is faster and better than me at all of those tasks. She always gets everything out at the correct times and it's always edited beautifully. When we first started working together I would double check that everything was done correctly, but it's so nice now that I know it's always going to be spot on. I don't even check it anymore. I just record my episodes, add them to Google Drive, and trust that she'll take care of the rest. I don't even have to worry about the show notes, blog post, or social media captions. She's able to capture my voice as if I wrote it myself. She's saved me the frustration and 5+ hours a week that I was spending on that side of the podcast. If you're launching a podcast, I highly recommend saving yourself the headache and work with Hayleigh as soon as you make the decision to launch a podcast."
- Azalee Maslow, The PrettyAF Podcast


Hayleigh is so great to work with. She's communicative and efficient and detail-oriented. She helps create and roll out marketing for my website and podcast, keeps track of guest emails, edits my show, writes my shownotes, and manages social media engagement. I really appreciate her willingness to take on new projects and her suggestions for improving workflow. I'm so happy to have her assisting me!

- Ronit Plank, And Then Everything Changed, The Podcast

Hayleigh has been connecting new prospects to our fitness services through Instagram. She put a new program into place quickly and is executing it. She is professional and engaged. Her expertise is a great fit for my business.

- Dillon Kreider, The Fitness Lab