Do you want to increase your visibility and profits?

A course guaranteed to get you on podcasts.

Do you want to be a guest so you...

👉Can connect with more clients?

👉Share your story?

👉Make stronger connections?

👉Be highly demanded?

👉Grow a new audience?

Do you find that you are…

👉 Second-guessing yourself?

👉 Indecisive on a topic because you are into so many things?

👉 Thinking, "is this even possible?"

If yes, then you will love my step-by-step guide to being a podcast guest.

Level 1: Knowing Your Story

You need clarity on what you want out of being a podcast.

Do you want to convert your following? Grow your following?

I'll show you exactly how to solidify your goals so you can make the most out of being a podcast guest

Level 2: Narrowing down the topic

I'll show you how to narrow down and solidify your podcast topic and messaging.

This is perfect if you have so many passions, but you don’t know how to combine them into one podcast.

When you do this ​​you'll find it so much easier to get sales. 💸

So you can position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Level 3: Finding Podcasts To Guest Star On

I'll show you my step-by-step strategy for finding and applying to podcasts and getting booked!

If you think being a guest on podcasts is only for the famous and well-known, I will change your mind on that.

It does not matter how many followers you have - hosts will want you on their show if you make the right first impression.

Level 4: Setting Up Your Audio

Is imposter syndrome getting in your way? I'll show you exactly how you can look and sound professional when it comes to being a guest.

Level 5: Preparing to Record

Interview prep can be one of the scariest parts of wanting to be a guest - but I will show you step-by-step how to overcome your fears.

You will show up confidently and prepared!

Level 6: Marketing

Okay, so you've been a guest... now what?

It's time to promote the episode! The more people that listen, the more they will hear about you and your message.

I show you my tips on how to promote the episode, and use it as leverage to get on even more podcasts! The better you promote, the better the episode will perform.

No tricks. No trial. Just great content designed to grow visibility and land you on podcasts!