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1:1 Podcast and Visibility Strategy Session

Espresso Growth Program


Your podcast is a powerful tool to grow your business; let’s get it to work for you!


Hey business owner!


You are spinning your wheels, releasing podcast episodes consistently; you are doing all the right things, so why are you not seeing the growth results you want?


You have podcasts, Instagram and Facebook, but clients are not coming to you magnetically! It’s time for this to change. You didn’t start your business and podcast for it not to be successful, but you also didn’t start it to work 10 hours a day. 


It’s time to put a bulletproof strategy behind what you do and get you seen!


This 3 hour call with us is designed to grow your podcast and your business. 


This opportunity is more than just growing your podcast to get more listeners. This exclusive 1:1 strategy session is about using your podcast to grow your business to get you more clients through the power of podcasting!


There are over 2 million podcasts; you must make yours stand out. 


During the session, we will:

  • Create a custom marketing plan that will grow your business and podcast

  • Reach your short-term goals, and work towards your long-term goals

  • Get you seen by the right audience

  • Create funnels and amplify your offers to convert your audience into clients 

  • Get you to a place of confidence, where you are making money from your podcast!

This is a 3 hour call, followed with an extra 30 days of support so you never feel alone during execution. 

Imagine if you had a clear strategy and direction with your podcast and social media marketing.


This strategy session is for you if:

  • You are ready to grow your podcast and business

  • You are ready to be seen by the right audience

  • You are ready to increase your income

  • You are ready to increase your downloads


This opportunity is not for you if:

  • You hate being consistent

  • You have no interest in growing your business

  • You hate accountability 


Ready to start?

Book your kickoff call here!

Not sure if the program is right for you? Let’s talk about the details!

If you have questions about working with me or are not sure if the Espresso Growth strategy session is for you, let’s hop on a free, no-pressure Coffee Chat so we can talk face to face.



  • Launched her Patreon 

  • Aligned her coaching business with her podcast

  • Secured her first podcast sponsor

  • Increased her downloads by 300 a month

  • She grew her social media presence by 20% confidently!



  • Launched his coaching program 

  • He got paid speaking engagements by leveraging his podcast as an experience.

  • He increased his social media presence by 30% organically!

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