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Over the next 6 months, the Espresso Growth podcast and visibility coaching 1:1 program, we focus on YOU and the things we can do to get you seen and heard!

This is so much more than just growing your podcast to get more listeners. This is about using your podcast to grow your business to get you more clients through the power of podcasting!

  • Create a custom marketing plan that will grow your business and podcast

  • Reach your short term goals, and work towards your long term goals

  • Get you seen by the right audience

  • Create funnels and amplify your offers to convert your audience into clients 

  • Get you to a place of confidence, where you are making money from your podcast!

1:1 Podcast and Visibility Coaching

Podcast Editing

This three-month editing package includes personalized and quality attention, branded content, and matching your voice/style each month.


This package includes:


  • 4 hours of audio per month

  • Quality audio editing and mixing

  • Adding the intro and outro that you provide

  • Noise reduction and audio cleaning

  • Engaging show notes

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