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Client Testimonials


The moment I met Hayleigh, I felt at ease, and the idea of delegating and hiring someone didn't seem as scary anymore. Hayleigh has allowed me to have ~20 hours a month back, which I'm now able to spend doing other parts of growing my podcast that light me up


"To know that I have someone to talk to and somebody I can message and think with is so valuable. It was invaluable to me, and Hayleigh did help me move to move my podcast forward in a fun and efficient way with strategy and partnerships."


Ati Grinspun

I love working with Hayleigh. It feels amazing to know you have someone who has your back and to not is doing it all alone. So sure, I knew how to get a podcast up and running for the most part, but I did not know a strategy, and Hayleigh is awesome at that.

Liz Landeen

Jenelle Tremblett


Ronit Plank,

She's communicative and efficient and detail-oriented. I really appreciate her willingness to take on new projects and her suggestions for improving workflow. I'm so happy to have her assisting me!


Azalee Maslow,
The PrettyAF Podcast

Once the first episode Hayleigh edited, uploaded, and promoted went out, I knew I had made the right choice. Hayleigh is faster and better than me at all of those tasks. She always gets everything out at the correct times and it's always edited beautifully.

Dillon Kreider.jpeg

Dillon Kreider,
The Fitness Lab

Hayleigh has been connecting new prospects to our fitness services through Instagram. She put a new program into place quickly and is executing it. She is professional and engaged. Her expertise is a great fit for my business.

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