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I'm Hayleigh!

In 2020, Espresso Podcast Production set out on a mission to help entrepreneurs, storytellers, and everyone in between successfully launch, manage, and produce the podcast of their dreams. The goal is to position podcasters as experts in their field and share their unique voices with the ever-expanding podcast universe.


Is Podcasting Right For You?


Over 80 million Americans indulge in Podcasts every week, which continues to grow annually.


Meet new potential customers and expand your network by hosting a professional podcast.


Offer a way for your biggest fans and supporters to reach you through layers of creative and fun audio content.


By adding a Podcast to your repertoire of creative content, you open the gates to capturing an even bigger audience.

"To become the go-to in your industry, not just another business coach, blogger, mentor, motivational speaker, or storyteller, you need to show up differently than the rest. Your voice is uniquely you. Your podcast will stand out from theirs because your voice, mission, values, and goals are not the same as theirs."

-Hayleigh Hayhurst


Stop second-guessing and

Start your podcast today! 

Check out the different podcast and coaching services I offer. If you feel like we'd make a good fit, let's chat!

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Jenelle Tremblett,
Ebb and Glow Podcast

The moment I met Hayleigh, I felt at ease, and the idea of delegating and hiring someone didn't seem as scary anymore. Hayleigh has allowed me to have ~20 hours a month back, which I'm now able to spend doing other parts of growing my podcast that light me up


Azalee Maslow,
The PrettyAF Podcast

Once the first episode Hayleigh edited, uploaded, and promoted went out, I knew I had made the right choice. Hayleigh is faster and better than me at all of those tasks. She always gets everything out at the correct times and it's always edited beautifully.


Ronit Plank,

She's communicative and efficient and detail-oriented. I really appreciate her willingness to take on new projects and her suggestions for improving workflow. I'm so happy to have her assisting me!

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