In 2020, Espresso Podcast Production set out on a mission
to help entrepreneurs, story tellers, and everyone in between to successfully launch, manage, and produce the podcast of their dreams.  The goal is to position podcasters as an expert in their field and share their unique voice with the ever expanding podcast universe.
If you need a coffee break from editing, are new to the podcast world and need a podcast strategy, or if you need help with organic social media marketing, let's chat!
You may be wondering...
"Why would I need to start a podcast? So many other people already talk about what I want to talk about!"

The answer is easy: to become the go to in your industry, not just another biz coach, blogger, sports enthusiast, motivational speaker or story teller.

Your voice is uniquely you.

Your podcast will stand out from theirs because your voice, mission, values and goals are not the same as theirs.

Don’t let fear hold you back, start the podcast!!

editing + strategy 

+ marketing