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How To Be A Great Podcast Host

Podcast Course


There are over 2 million podcasts, how will you make yours stand out?


One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to grow your podcast is through hosting guest interviews. Not only will guests add a new perspective to a topic on your podcast, but they will also get you in front of their audience, aka more downloads!


This course is for podcast hosts of various backgrounds and topics who want to leverage the power of interviewing to grow their audience and increase their downloads. 


Regardless of how little, or how much experience you have interviewing, you'll master the step-by-step process of interviewing, from scheduling the interview, to marketing the episode, from podcast host and expert podcast producer, Hayleigh Hayhurst, the owner of Espresso Podcast Production. 


This course is not just about the basics of asking questions, but also how to craft those unique questions based on your guest, how to create post-interview content to maximize 


You'll Discover

  • The benefits of having guests on your podcast

  • How to find and schedule stand out guests

  • The tools and tech you need to have professional sounding podcast episodes. 

  • How to prepare your podcast guests, because a prepared guest is a good guest.

  • How to craft unique questions that empower your guests and have you lead the interview confidently 

  • The exact preparation, step by step, you need to be doing on and before interview day.

  • How to maximize your guest by promoting the episodes effectively 

  • Step by step tutorial on how to create graphics to promote your episode (that your guests will be excited to post!)



  • You will get templates that you can use to prepare schedule your guests, and a post-interview PR Kit to send your guests everything they need to post.

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