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  • Hayleigh Hayhurst

3 Things Every Podcaster Needs on Amazon Prime Day

With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner, its time you as a podcaster to get those nice-to-have items that have been on your list. Maybe you've seen the top podcasters use specific items but you were having some imposter syndrome or wanted to stay small. Well, now is your time to upgrade!

- If you are not already using headphones or ear buds to make sure that your audio is coming in crisp, now is the time to invest in some good ear buds!

- Overhear headphones are a different look. I have clients who say they make them look more professional, and some who say it messes up their hair. Both are great options - go with whatever fits your aesthetic!

- A LIFESAVER. I back up most of my episodes on Google Drive, but I also back up my important documents and episodes on an external harddrive. I have had a laptop crash before and delete a ton of pre-recorded episodes of mine. It was terrrible. Please learn from my mistake!

While Prime Day does not offer all of the necessities, we are publishing a more cohesive guide soon on Amazon Essentials! Follow us on Instagram to know when that list comes out!

Let us know what you end up ordering! Happy Podcasting!

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