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  • Hayleigh Hayhurst

Beginner's Guide To Setting Up Your Home Podcast Studio

Congratulations! You made it to the most crucial step of having a podcast: recording. Here are the steps for how to record a podcast episode.

My speciality is in helping people launch their podcasts -- if you are looking for more help, or for someone to do this for you, let's chat! My link to set up a call with me is at the bottom.

If you want to start your podcast yourself, read on and you will feel confident in moving forward.

Step 1: Pick Your Space Wisely

First and foremost, you need to pick a quiet, soundproof place to record. Even with the best microphone and the most professional editing, background noises can be very pesky and compromise your audio. As crazy as it sounds, unless you have an actual soundproof studio, closets may be your best bet.

Some of the background noises that are often forgotten or overlooked are: fans, air conditioning, open windows, and notifications (phones, LinkedIn, Slack, etc)

Step 2: Video or Audio

The next thing you need to decide on is if you are going to be a video and audio podcast, or just video. Personally, on my podcast, Employee to Boss, I record both video and audio. This means I also need a webcam and a good, on brand background.

Step 3: The Equipment + Tech

This is the part that holds most people back -- but lucky for you this is all you need:

  1. Microphone - I recommend the Blue Yeti Microphone - it is what I personally use. If you want something handheld, I recommend this dynamic microphone (both under $100!)

  2. Recording Software - Zoom or Riverside will be your best bet for podcasts. These are great for when you have virtual guests!

  3. Editing Software - The easy, beginner-friendly platform I recommend is Descript. I cannot say enough about this amazing platform. Check it out for yourself here.

  4. Hosting Platform: There are so many podcast hosting platforms with great RSS feeds. All are pretty similar, so look into something like Buzzsprout or Spreaker are good options.

That is pretty much it! You are well on your way to becoming the podcaster you are dreaming of being.

Need more help? Let's chat! Set up a call with me here:

Did this episode help you? Send me a message on Instagram. I love hearing feedback!

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