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  • Hayleigh Hayhurst

How To Get Your First Podcast Sponsor!

Are you ready to make some money from your podcast? 🤑

There is a lot of groundwork you need to do before booking that first sponsor that aligns with your podcast (I'm not talking about a random Hello Fresh commercial in the middle of your true-crime podcast!)

I want you to answer these few questions before reading the rest:

  1. Who you do want to sponsor your podcast? Make sure it aligns with your audience and your mission!

  2. Do you have the following? The first thing you need to do is grow your reach and visibility. This could be on social media, through an email list, through your blog, whatever it may be, make sure you are seen as an expert and have an extensive reach!

The next step is all on you - Reach out to them!

What I mean by this is build your media kit, know what you want to sell them, know how much you want to make and then find the brand you want, and go for it!

Send them an email - the biggest thing I see when podcasters are struggling to monetize is that they don't reach out - until you are famous, brands most likely will not be reaching out to you! You are in control - you got this.


If you think you are ready for a sponsor or are looking to see where you need to improve to get a sponsor, I highly recommend that you book a strategy call with me!

The sessions are 1:1 and I focus on your goals and how to get you there!


Have questions? Send me an email!

Join my free Facebook community "Espresso Growth - for Podcasters, Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders"

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