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  • Hayleigh Hayhurst

Your Business Should Have a Podcast: Here is Why

I hear it time and time again, "There are already so many podcasts out there" or "podcasting is oversaturated." I am here to tell you that these are myths!

Podcasting is so good for business -- so much so that I have built a career around helping entrepreneurs launch successful businesses that move the needle in their business and make an impact on their income. Every business in every industry can benefit from starting a podcast, and here is why:

1. It will help you gain credibility - the business world is noisy. By having a podcast not only will you stand out more, but you will also have more marketing opportunities.

2. It will help you gain visibility - podcasting will help you get seen. By interviewing people in your community, or

3. It will grow your network - podcasting will introduce you to a new network. People who find your podcast will be intrigued by your topics, and want to learn more. I have booked a lot of my clients from them finding my podcast.

4. You can build deeper connections with your community -- when your established audience finds your podcast, they will be able to connect with you on a deeper level. Much deeper than any singular email, Instagram post, or TikTok video. These listeners will binge-listen and learn so much more about your values, organization, and mission!

5. You can monetize -- as I mentioned before, a lot of clients found me through my podcast. This is because I am using my podcast as a marketing tool. You can run ads on your show for other companies, or you can run your own ads in your podcast, which is what I recommend for a lot of podcast hosts. If your audience loves you and knows what you do, they will buy from you!

There is no downside! I promise!

Ready to start your podcast? Now until December 31, 2022, I am offering $200 of my podcast launch package. I will help you start a professional podcast by covering all the technical side of things, all you have to do is the creative parts! This is a 1-on-1 offer designed to help those who are ready to launch and those who are still in the planning stages.

Want more details? Send me an email: or book a free call with me:

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