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  • Hayleigh Hayhurst

10 Reasons You Should Start A Podcast in 2022

You've been thinking about it for years, maybe your friends even have a podcast, and you think to yourself... maybe 2022 is finally the year to do it.

But then, in the same thought, you think of ALL the reasons that you should not have a podcast. These thoughts are what hold you back from either massive podcast success, a good time, and making tons of connections!

1. You can grow your network

Have you been wanting to meet new people? There is an insanely engaged community of people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who have connected just because they are podcast hosts! (like this group here!)

Talk about having smart friends 💃

2. You can grow your business

Do you want your business to grow or finally take off in 2022?

Want to start that business you've been brainstorming for far too long?

A podcast is a great way to get more visibility. Not only can your ideal clients/audience learn more about you, they can also connect with you on such a deeper level!

Podcasting is also an incredible way to grow an email list.

3. You can have a new creative outlet

We are 2 years into a pandemic, I'm sure most of us are bored out of our minds. Our lives have become work, and for most of us, there is no separation between work and home. (My office is in my bedroom!)

Getting creative is one of the main ways to fight back against corporate boredom. Let's get that work/life balance back!

By having a podcast, you are 100% in control of what it looks and sounds like. Get creative, it's so fun!

4. You can learn a new skill/hobby

Learning a new hobby or skill is fun and can teach you so much. Plus, it gets you away from hours of TikTok or neverending Instagram scrolling. By learning how to start and maintain a podcast, you are learning so many things, such as interviewing, storytelling, editing, audio engineering, connecting with others, and many other valuable skills. This alone should be reason enough to start a podcast!

5. You can work on your marketing skills

Another incredible skill you will learn by podcasting is marketing. Your podcast will not promote itself, so you will have to get creative, find a social platform that you enjoy, and then show off!

The thought of having to promote your own podcast scares a lot of people - but this is what my business is all about! Click here to follow along to learn some of my favorite podcast marketing tips and tricks!

6. You can meet some AMAZING people

If you opt in to hosting a podcast and having guests, you will meet so many people you would not have met otherwise. Through my podcast, I have been able to meet the most incredible business owners.

And honestly, this might be my favorite part, you get to be as nosey as you want because after all, it's your podcast!

7. You can make an impact on others

If you want to genuinely help people or educate people, you need a podcast. People will take you on their drives, on their lunch breaks, through their morning routine. You will be spending valuable time with them through your podcast, spend it wisely!

If they learn something from you or feel inspired or entertained, they will stick with you and you will deeply impact their life!

8. You can make a deeper connection with your friends and family

Depending on your topic, your friends and family will probably listen to support you. Unless you have a podcast like Call Her Daddy..... your family will learn so much about you and hear how educated and professional you can be!

Plus, remember when you start your podcast to ask all of your connections for reviews, this is so important for hitting the podcast ranks early!

9. You can make money

I hesitated to put this on the list because if you are starting a podcast just to make money, your intentions are not in the right place. You can (and probably will) make money, but you first have to do so many things like positioning yourself as the expert, building trust with your audience, building your audience, building a following.

Once you do those steps, you can start making that sweet sweet passive income.

10. To have fun!!

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, your #1 reason needs to be for you to have fun! Podcasting will take a lot of time, effort, and energy, so if you are just doing it for money, or for any reason other than because it's something you enjoy doing, I can almost confidently say you will get burnt out.

Before you start, look at your intentions and see why it is you actually want a podcast. And after you do this, just start it!

There is no point in waiting... Get started today!

Want to learn the steps you have to take to start your podcast? Download this free podcast launch checklist so you can get started today without the overwhelm of endless googling!

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